Monday, September 19, 2011

Backyard Eggs - Tastier?

This past Saturday we ate the first eggs from our chickens. It felt really good to eat food that we helped produce. But did they taste better? Many people have told me that they do.

Our first eggs were on the small size. I expect they will get bigger as the chickens mature and lay more.

The yolks were definitely more orange than a store-bought egg. Some say this is because chickens allowed to forage will eat grasses and other plants which contain beta carotene. 

We decided to scramble the eggs. I always add a little bit of milk and a pinch of salt. I will admit that the darker color weirded me out a bit, and I expected that they would taste different than the store eggs.

Eden was in charge of stirring them around the skillet.

We let Eden take the first bite, and she said, "Yum!"

Breakfast is served. We made sure to say a prayer thanking the Lord for providing this wonderful meal.

Somewhat-picky-eater Lane also approved of the eggs and ate every bit.

I eat a lot of eggs, and I did not think they tasted any different than what I usually buy (the cheapest eggs at the store), but the experience is what made them better. I can't wait until we have some more!

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  1. I've heard a lot of people say that they can really taste a difference between store bought eggs and fresh farm (free-range) eggs, and milk as well. I believe i've only had them added into dishes and not by themselves, so i've never been able to tell a difference. Some people have a more sensitive palate though I believe. But you're right, something you've grown and/or prepared yourself always tastes better. :-)


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