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I am a mom of two extraordinary children, and I care about what they put into their mouths. I don’t claim to be a fanatic about healthy eating, but I want most of what they eat to be good for them. I read a lot of nutrition information, look at labels and try to choose wisely.

When it comes to preparing meals, I don’t claim to be any kind of chef. I also think the jury is still out on whether I am even a good cook. I like things simple and don’t get into herbs and seasonings or exotic food. While it is not my preference, my busy life sometimes requires me to feed my family out of a box or from a fast-food restaurant. When those circumstances arise I also try to make the best choices I can.

While these things may not make me very different from most moms in the world, I believe I bring a unique point of view to the table. I have worked for farmers, the very people that produce our food, for nearly 15 years. I have watched the care they take in providing food for those who cannot, and unfortunately, I have watched them take a beating for trying to make a living.

Food production is not easy. The population continues to grow and become more urban, yet some people expect food to be produced the way it was 50 if not 100 years ago with fewer inputs, land and resources. And the number of people dedicated to farming is shrinking. It is a difficult life and providing for a family is often dependent upon Mother Nature.

With this blog I hope to accomplish several things:
  • Share my journey to figuring out what is the best way to feed my family
  • Share the joys and struggles of trying to produce food myself
  • Share my appreciation for the farmers who provide the food on my dinner table
  • Share my beliefs on what is real and what is hype regarding our food supply.
I also hope to engage food consumers and farmers in a conversation, so please comment if you have questions or want to share your viewpoint. I don’t delete comments and am respectful of everyone’s opinion.

My ultimate journey is to be able to feed my family without guilt, and I hope I can help you do the same.

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I was born in Louisville, Ky. in 1974 to a suburban mom with a love of horses and pets. When I was seven, she married my adopted father who came from a traditional farming background and also shared her love of horses. They purchased 9 acres near Louisville, raised a few chickens, rabbits, dairy goats and started to grow a successful horse boarding, training and riding instruction business. I have been blessed to have horses in my backyard my entire life. 

I became very active in the 4-H Horse Program, competing not only in horse shows, but any other competition that they offered. That success led me to start a degree in Animal Sciences at the University of Kentucky. Not completely sure how I would use that degree, I added communication, journalism, design and public relations courses that prepared me for the job I have today. I have been the Communications Director for the Kentucky Corn Growers Association and the Kentucky Small Grain Growers Association since 1998, and I love working for such a diversified group of farmers.

My first child came in 2003 during snow, and my second child was born 24 hours before the worst ice and snow storm in my part of country in early 2009. My husband, children and I live on a few acres south of Louisville where we enjoy three horses, barn cats, and several chickens.

I also have a great love for fashion. I'm a "What Not to Wear" junkie and can not miss the latest episode of "Project Runway." I am still trying to find a way to work in some fashion advice in this blog. I may wear blue jeans and boots most days at home so I am always to prepared to check on the critters, but I usually don't get too far from home without a dress and a pair of heels (unfortunately the gravel driveway is murder on my shoes!)
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